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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Acton Institute PowerBlog staff has launched a new widget that seeks to communicate Lord Acton wisdom to “LOL” text users everywhere. The LOLord Acton Quote Generator is based on nearly 100 quotes from the writings of Lord Acton, translated into “LOL” text that can be added to your blog, website or social networking page.

LOL text has become an internet phenomenon since its start with sites like those that feature LOLcats. Many theologians from the history of the church have been LOL-ized (early, medieval, Reformation, modern) and now Lord Acton joins the ranks of those figures with wisdom from the past deemed worthy of communication to present generations.

The purpose of the LOLord Acton Quote Generator is to introduce people in a fun way to the famous (and-not-so famous) quotes from Lord Acton and encourage readers to engage in these quotes in their original form. LOLord Acton may just be the next big thing, but I gues we will jus has 2 wait and c.

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