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Where do the conferences take place?

The conferences generally take place in Grand Rapids, MI. However, they do sometimes take place in other locations. Please see the specific conference sites for location information.

What are the program requirements?

Prospective participants must be Acton alumni (i.e. have fully participated at a Towards a Free and Virtuous Society conference and/or Acton University) and be currently enrolled in or recently completed graduate level studies.

All participants are required to finish all pre-readings, attend all conference sessions, and actively participate in the discussion sessions throughout the weekend.

I am not currently enrolled in a graduate program, can I still apply?

Participants are expected to actively engage in graduate-level discussion at these conferences and so graduate level academic experience is preferred. However, we do make some allowances for life experience. If you are not currently enrolled in a graduate program but are actively involved in intellectual or academic activities, you are welcome to apply.

I am not a US citizen, can I still apply?

This conference series is open to international participants but travel scholarships are limited and international participants may be asked to contribute to their travel expenses.

Can I attend more than one conference?

While you are welcome to apply to more than one conference, due to limited resources it is not likely that a person will be able to attend more than one conference per cycle.

I attended a Liberty and Markets conference in the past, can I apply again?

You are welcome to apply for a new topic but you cannot attend the same conference twice.

What is the schedule for the conferences?

Each conference will begin on a Thursday evening and finish late on Saturday, for Sunday morning departure.

My schedule requires me to arrive late/ leave early, can I still apply?

Please do not apply unless your schedule allows you attend the full conference, as complete participation is a program requirement.