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Since 1990, the Acton Institute has worked tirelessly to promote freedom and virtue. We are extremely grateful for the help of our friends and supporters over the past 27 years, which made our work possible.

While we’ve experienced great success in promoting a free and virtuous society, much work remains to be done. We need your financial support to do it. Since its founding, the Acton Institute has been completely independent and solicits zero government funding. We rely exclusively on private support from donors like you to fund our operations.

The end of each year is especially important for us to balance our budget. We receive up to 40 percent of our revenue during the last few weeks of the year.

To help us reach our fundraising goal this year, two donors have issued a $250,000 Matching Challenge Grant. If we can secure first-time gifts, or an increase in giving from our existing supporters, they will match all gifts two-to-one between now and year-end.

To qualify for the gift match, you must make a gift to the Acton Institute on or before December 31.