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Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) is a significant figure in the history of the Netherlands and modern Protestant theology. A prolific intellectual, he founded a political party and a university, and served as the prime minister of the Netherlands (1901-1905).

Recent Articles by Abraham Kuyper

  • Common Grace, Invention, and Discovery

    Common grace issues from God, and from God come all the means that we humans must apply to oppose sin and its consequences in curse and misery. But it is God himself who leads us to find the
  • The looming crisis of European imperialism

    Part I: The politics of Islam in Algeria Islam in Algeria requires a short explanation. The Muslims in Algiers, insofar as they are Berbers, are of weak faith. To the extent that they abide
  • At the manger

    I didn’t get a full appreciation of Bethlehem until Christmas day when, after a light meal, I mounted the balcony and beheld the entire Serai district before me. Imagine a rectangular area,
  • Islam as the last word in monotheism

    Islam appeared suddenly, like a brilliant meteor, in seventh-century Arabia, and from Mecca it quickly began its miraculous victory march. This is one of the most difficult phenomena in
  • The two-fold ministry of Jesus

    Jesus not only sought to bring a spiritual salvation, but also countered human misery and did so up until the very end. He fed the thousands and healed the sick; the blind could see, the

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