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Philip Booth is Professor of Finance, Public Policy and Ethics, St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, which is the UK's largest Catholic university. He is also a senior academic fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

Recent Articles by Philip Booth

  • The pitfalls of ethnic pay gaps

    British Prime Minister Theresa May is obsessed with measuring pay gaps between social groups. She championed the requirement for companies with more than 250 workers to measure the so-called
  • 2019: What a wonderful world

    There is a danger that anything a Christian writes about Christmas for an economics blog will be a heresy or will be perceived as moving the focus away from where it belongs and towards the
  • Gilet jaune: the uprising of a generation

    The rise of the gilets jaunes rioters in France took many people by surprise. President Emmanuel Macron has caved in to the rioters’ demands and offered other policy concessions to try to
  • Reclaiming social justice

    It seems that everybody wants more social justice. If you Google the term, you get 714,000,000 responses. The most commonly-read Conservative-supporting blog in the UK,