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Nicole Boone first went to South Africa in August 2000.  While there, she was deeply moved by the condition of the people, especially the children.  She knew she couldn’t single-handedly eliminate the poverty and crisis, but she thought that she could bring hope through her own personal relationship with Christ.  So, Nicole left her family, friends, and career potential in America and in January 2002 opened the doors of the Kids Learning Center in Kurland, South Africa.

Nicole is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a double major in History and African American Studies and a Masters of Teaching.  While at UVA, she led a dynamic Christian fellowship. She has a passion for ensuring that the young people in every nation have a passion for Jesus and seek to do His will with their lives.  In addition to ministering to college students, singles, and youth, Nicole has served as a missionary in South Africa for many years.