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Recent Articles by Victor V. Claar

  • Our economic age of anxiety

    Developed nations are increasingly haunted by doubts about the legitimacy of their economic structures. This paralyzing anxiety crosses all lines of ethnicity, religion, class, party and
  • The Moral Hazard of Fuzzy Contracts

    You may already be aware that many state and local public pensions are in trouble. By one estimate , the nation’s state, county, and municipal governments face a combined funding shortfall
  • Is foreign aid a sacred cow?

    In case you missed it – understandably – in the barrage of news stories and Saint Patrick’s Day posts last week, a group of 106 faith leaders have collaborated on a letter they have signed
  • There is no such thing as ‘the poor’

    With the news this week that Angus Deaton of Princeton University had won the economics Nobel, the question of how best to help the poor in developing nations takes on a greater level of