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Andreas Widmer is Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship.  He is the cofounder of SEVEN Fund, a philanthropic organization run by entrepreneurs who invest in original research, books, films, and websites to further enterprise solutions to poverty.  He works closely with entrepreneurs, investors, and faith leaders around the world to foster enterprise solutions to poverty and promote virtuous business practices, with an emphasis upon developing entrepreneurial initiatives at the intersection of business and faith.

Andreas is a seasoned business executive with experience in high-tech and international business strategy consulting and economic development.  He was an executive in residence at Highland Capital Partners, a venture capital firm.  He served as CEO of OTF Group (formerly part of the Monitor Group) and helped lead Eprise Corporation, Dragon Systems and FTP Software.  He has worked extensively in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and has brought more than 100 leading-edge technology products to market.  He holds two business degrees from Switzerland, a B.S. in International Business from Merrimack College, and an M.A. in Ministry from St. John’s Seminary in Boston.

Andreas is an author on the connection between entrepreneurship, economic development, and spirituality.  He has also written many articles in books and journals, and been featured in various business and general interest media including the Financial Times, Bloomberg News, Sky TV, Kigali Times, FastCompany, EWTN, and First Things.

Among other organizations, he serves on the advisory boards of the Zermatt Summit, Transforming Business, the John Templeton Foundation, the Global Adaptation Institute, Spring Hill Equity Partners, and Karisimbi Business Partners.  He is on the board of directors at the New Paradigm Research Fund, Virtual Research Associates, and the World Youth Alliance.

Between 1986 and 1988, he served as a Pontifical Swiss Guard, protecting Pope John Paul II.