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This is a FREE event! If you cannot attend, please email Nick Porter at so we send you a complimentary copy of the evening's audio.

Beginning in 2010, the phrase “War on Women” became common in political discussions in the United States. Primarily, it was used by those on the left who believed that there was an orchestrated effort to keep birth control out of the hands of women, to make abortion illegal, and to place other restrictions on women and their health.

But is this the real “War on Women?” Elise Hilton, Acton Institute’s Communication Specialist, will examine these issues in light of women’s health, along with other issues affecting girls and women, such as the erosion of our religious liberty, sexually objectifying women, human trafficking, gender-selective abortions and infanticide. The real war on women is misunderstood by many today and women everywhere are suffering because of it.

Just a small town girl at heart, Elise is responsible for Acton’s social media, along with researching and writing for Acton’s PowerBlog. With a M.A. in World Religions, she has a background in teaching at the high school and college levels.  She has also been active in Catholic parish ministries, both professionally and on a volunteer basis. She continues to teach and speak on religious education, spirituality and religious liberty issues. She is married, with five children.

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This is a FREE event! If you cannot attend, please email Nick Porter at so we can give you a complimentary copy of the evening's audio when it becomes available.

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6:00pm--Grab a seat & a drink--Happy Hour Specials until 7:00pm for Acton guests only.
6:40pm--Elise Hilton speaks, followed by discussion and Q & A.


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