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Acton ​Institute’s 2018 ​Annual ​Dinner will ​be ​held ​on ​Wednesday, ​October ​17 ​at ​the JW Marriott in ​beautiful ​downtown ​Grand ​Rapids, ​Michigan. ​The ​dinner ​celebrates ​our ​28th ​year ​of ​working ​to ​promote ​a ​free ​and ​virtuous ​society. ​In ​light ​of ​your ​commitment ​to ​Acton ​and ​its ​mission, ​we ​hope ​you ​will ​consider ​attending ​this ​event, ​which ​brings ​together ​more ​than ​1,000 ​friends ​and ​supporters ​of ​the ​Institute ​from ​around ​the ​world.

It ​is ​our ​pleasure ​to ​announce ​that ​this ​year's ​special ​guest ​and ​speaker ​is ​renowned author and pastor, Rev. Timothy Keller. There ​will ​also ​be ​a ​special ​address ​from ​Acton's ​president ​and ​co-founder, ​Rev. ​Robert ​Sirico.

Rev. Timothy Keller Speaker Acton Annual Dinner 2018

Rev. Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller is Chairman and Co-Founder of Redeemer City to City and Pastor Emeritus Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, which he and his wife, Kathy, started in 1989. For over twenty-five years Tim led a diverse congregation of young professionals that grew to a weekly worshipping community of over 6,000 people, meeting at eight services in three different congregations in Manhattan. In May 2017, those three congregations became independent churches, and Tim transitioned out of his senior pastor role to focus on ministry more broadly in New York City and other global cities through the work of City to City, which has helped start close to 500 churches in 70 global cities. He is the author of such New York Times bestselling books as The Reason for God, The Prodigal God, Every Good Endeavor and The Meaning of Marriage.

Rev. Robert A. Sirico

Rev. Robert A. Sirico

Rev. Robert A. Sirico is the president and co-founder of the Acton Institute and the pastor at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, both in Grand Rapids, MI. A regular writer and commentator on religious, political, economic, and social issues, Rev. Sirico's contributions have been carried by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Washington Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, and the BBC, among others. In his recent book, Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy, Rev. Sirico shows how a free economy is not only the best way to meet society's material needs but also the surest protection of human dignity against government encroachment. Rev. Sirico holds dual American and Italian citizenship.


Sponsoring Acton's 28th Annual Dinner is a great way to secure your own seat at the dinner and introduce clients, colleagues or friends to Acton's mission as well. Below is a list of all of our Lord Acton Circle and Liberty Circle sponsors for 2018. Thank you to every one of you!

Thank You 2018 Lord Acton Circle Sponsors

Alliance Defending Freedom - Bursch Law PLLC
Autocam Medical
Jonathan & Mary Kay Borisch
Burco, Inc.
Dr. Mark & Marty Campbell
Capital Formation Counselors, Inc.
Drew Cooper & Anding
Friends of Trinitas Classical School
Leslie Graves & Eric O'Keefe
J.C. & Tammy Huizenga
David & Debra Humphreys
Paul & Jacki Kleinheksel
Charles Koch Foundation
David & Tessa Milroy
Ken & Edie Muraski
Ottawa Avenue Private Capital LLC
Edgar & Elsa Prince Foundation
Owen & Susan Roberts
Arvin & Pearl Tap
The Templeton Family
John Templeton Foundation
Lewis & Norma Van Kuiken

Thank You 2018 Liberty Circle Sponsors

70 x 7 Life Recovery
Born Clinic
Gaylen & Susan Byker
Calvin College
Cunningham, Helfrich (Merrill Lynch Private Banking)
Kevin & Meg Cusack
DeVos Family Foundation
Eastern Floral
First Liberty Institute
First Trust Portfolios | Ben Ferwerda | Mark DeKorne
Art & Betsy Hasse
Holy Family Radio
Cal & Sue Hulst
Jandernoa Family Foundation
Drew & Jane Jelgerhuis
Dave & Cindy Kraai
Mr. & Mrs. William E. La Mothe
Macatawa Bank
The Mackinac Center for Public Policy
MTM Recognition
John & Gail Nowak
Pioneer Construction
Robert J. Powers
Rockfinch Realty
Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge
The Paradocs Podcast
Universal Forest Products, Inc.
The David & Carol Van Andel Family Foundation
Varnum LLP
Vellum Capital
Warner Norcross + Judd LLP
Wyoming Catholic College
Zorich Family Foundation

Event Details

Start Date

End Date


JW Marriott Grand Rapids
235 Louis Street NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
United States


Registration and Receptions: 6 p.m.

Program and Dinner: 7 p.m.

Post-Dinner Reception will immediately follow the conclusion of the evening's formal program.


We are currently at capacity for this event. To inquire about the availability of tickets please contact Nick Porter directly at or call 616.454.3080.

Directions to JW Marriott

Dress code is black-tie preferred.

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