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Fall Program: September - December

Spring Program: February - May

Summer Program: June - July

Positions Available

Learn more about specific positions we offer through the Emerging Leaders Program.

Quick Facts

  • Stipend: $1000 (semester interns differ)
  • Housing: Grand Valley State University - Downtown Campus (First come, first served basis)
  • Duration: Summer Program = 8 weeks | Semester Program = 12 - 14 weeks
  • We accept Emerging Leaders Program applicants through the Charles Koch Institute (Koch Internship Program, Koch Fellowship Program, Liberty@Work). You can find out more and apply for one of these positions on the Charles Koch Institute webpage – you will select the Acton Institute during the application process.
  • If you have questions regarding the Acton Institute internship program please visit our FAQ page or email
  • You can refer a friend to the Acton Intern program.

Acton Emerging Leaders Program Details

Gain Professional Experience in your area(s) of interest.

As an intern, you will engage in substantive work in one of our five core departments. Past interns have published on the Acton Institute blog and commentary, provided research and guidance on publications, assisted programs and education in event planning/development, and developed new systems and processes for the Acton Bookshop. Engaging in this type of work has helped interns build practical skills that have translated well to jobs in a variety of sectors.

Gain Professional Experience in the professional environment of a prominent religiously based think tank.

All Acton interns go through intensive professional development courses. This includes a variety of webinars and seminars geared towards increasing an intern’s future employability. You will attend resume and cover letter workshops, attend seminars with professional development experts from local and national organizations, and participate in mock interviews with local business leaders.

Interns also have the opportunity to work on a capstone project competition that is presented to staff at the end of their term. This summer, interns were tasked with developing a college outreach program – many of the ideas presented will be used in future Acton programming.

Increase your own understanding of the relationship between religion and liberty.

A core goal of the Acton Internship is that all leave with an increased ability to articulate the moral case for the free enterprise system. In essence, we are assisting interns in synthesizing ideas pertaining to faith and economics. We help to synthesize these ideas through weekly lunch and learns with our team of world class scholars, including, Father Robert Sirico, Samuel Gregg, Michael Miller, Jordan Ballor, and many more.

In addition to weekly lunch and learns, all interns are able to attend our annual Acton University conference which features 1,000+ attendees from nearly 80 countries each year. Acton University boasts 121 course options from a variety of disciplines including, economics, theology, sociology, philosophy, history, and business.

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2019 Emerging Leaders Luncheon with Rev. Robert Sirico