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Future of the EU

With fringe parties on the rise and the UK voting to leave, the European Union is in a state of flux. What does the future hold for the EU?

Brexit, protests, terror attacks, immigrant crises, expansive debt and welfare state obligations. The list of the EU's woes are many. Acton experts from across the globe offer their commentary on the wide range of issues that face the EU today, and offer insights on where the EU is headed, and what it must do to survive. 

Huizinga totalitarian temptation ALS

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Many Europeans see the EU as a forerunner of a global legal order that would promote peace, democracy and stability throughout the world. But can this be accomplished democratically, and what are the implications for Europe’s relations with the United States?

House of EU history

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On May 6, 2017, the brand new House of European History in Brussels opened its doors. Since I happened to be in Brussels on the day of the opening, I decided to pay the House a visit. With respect to religion and religious liberty, I found an empty House.

EU losing its soul

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What is occurring in modern Europe? We are all observers of how a dramatic weakening of Europe's Christian identity is taking place. Europe is losing the characteristics given to it by Christianity...Europe is losing its soul.

Euro threatens future of EU

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Since the onset of the euro zone crisis, multiple schools of thought have emerged: one interpretation blames bad governance for the euro crisis. The case made by Nobel Prize Winner, Joseph E. Stiglitz, sits firmly within this school of thought.

Continent in Crisis EU

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Less than 100 years ago, Europe ruled most of the globe. Now, however, it seems to be the sick man of the global economy. In this lecture. Acton's Director of Research, Dr. Samuel Gregg, outlines the economic characteristics of Europe's present crisis and long-term decline.