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Corporate Lobbying

Lobbying for special business interests has become commonplace in American political life.

With thousands of registered lobbyists in Washington looking for favors on Capital Hill, what can be done to stem the tide? K Street corporate clients employ these lobbying firms to influence lawmakers and regulators to create favorable conditions for their companies and shut out those with no political influence. If anyone is serious about "draining the swamp" that is Washington, these crony arrangements will have to go.

Free Tesla

Essay Acton Commentary

Tesla might also be the most interesting auto manufacturer out there right now. But despite its innovations and Musk’s seemingly free-market tendencies, the company is not shy about making friends with the government. (Image credit: Nadezda Murmakova /

Big business a danger?

Video Acton Lecture Series

Timothy P. Carney, senior political columnist at the Washington Examiner, and a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, gave a lecture at the Acton Institute articulating his answer to the question: Is big business a danger to economic liberty?