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Free Market Environmentalism

Those who have most to gain from clean air, water and land are those with a stake in ownership.

Well enumerated private property rights in a free market create incentive for individuals and businesses to care for the environment. Property owners and regulators can work cooperatively on creative solutions to ecological problems if they work from the ground up, not top down. 


Christian Stewardship

Christians are called to be both productive and to be good stewards. How do we honor God's Creation while enjoying its abundance?

In modern society, a false dichotomy seems to exist. On one side, people say that Christians are called to fill the Earth and exercise dominion over it, to use its resources as good stewards and to be productive. Other Christians claim that we must restore where humanity has polluted and use our resources more wisely. Scripture and a rich theological history, show us that these views are not only compatible, but are also achievable.