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As the threat of a crisis in our current health care system looms larger and health care spending continues to increase, the sustainability of our current employer-based health care system comes into question. How can we reform health care and see to it that more people have access to it? Is the hotly-debated health care reform legislation the answer? What is a Christian response to the health care system? The resources on this page provide answers to these important questions.

The Problems With Socialized Government Healthcare

Perspectives on Health Care Reform

Listen in as Dr. Donald Condit & Dr. Kevin Schmiesing join Radio Free Acton to discuss the ins and outs of the healthcare system

PowerBlog Posts

An Unconscionable Threat to Conscience
by Dr. Donald P. Condit

The End of Secularism and the HHS Mandate
by Hunter Baker

Madison: Religious Conscience Trumps Civil Pronouncements
by Ray Nothstine

Madison on Religious Conscience
by Ray Nothstine

Religious Liberty, Rhetoric, and Partisan Squawking
by Ray Nothstine

No Catholic hospitals in two years unless HHS mandate rescinded
by Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.

Is the HHS Mandate A Game of Chicken?
by Michael Matheson Miller

HHS Mandate Fits Bigger Pattern
by Jonathan Witt

Where Corporatism and Crony Contraceptives Collide
by Joe Carter

Only a Sunday Believer?
by Elise Hilton