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Benedict XVI has resigned, effective February 28, 2013.

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Acton Commentary

Benedict XVI, Hans Kung, and Catholicism’s Future
by Samuel Gregg, March 23, 2011

Benedict’s Creative Minority
by Samuel Gregg, September 22, 2010

Pope Benedict’s Defense of Authentic Equality
by Michael Matheson Miller, February 10, 2010

The Not-So-Green Pope
by Samuel Gregg, August 4, 2009

The Pope, the Rabbi, and the Moral Economy
by Samuel Gregg, July 14, 2009

Benedict’s Grey Eminence
by Samuel Gregg, May 13, 2008

Is the Pope Green?
by Kishore Jayabalan and Michael Matheson Miller, April 16, 2008

Benedict’s Global Agenda
by Samuel Gregg, April 17, 2007

A Tocquevillian in the Vatican
by Samuel Gregg, February 8, 2006

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Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives
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Caritas in veritate 
June 29, 2009

Spe salvi 
November 30, 2007

Deus caritas est 
December 25, 2005

Journal of Markets & Morality Articles

Continuity and Res Novae in the Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate
by Manfred Spieker, JMM 14, no. 2

Benedict XVI as Social Realist in Caritas in Veritate
by Barry Keating and Maryann O. Keating, JMM 14, no. 2

Caritas in Veritate and the Market Economy
by Paul Oslington, JMM 14, no. 2

Caritas in Veritate, Hybrid Firms, and Institutional Arrangements
by Michael Troilo, JMM 14, no. 1

Integral Subsidiarity and Economy of Communion: Two Challenges from Caritas in Veritate
by Gregorio Guitian, JMM 13, no. 2

The Importance and Contemporary Relevance of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth
by Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, JMM 11, no. 1

Pope Benedict XVI Articles

The European Disunion: Benedict XVI on the Crisis of Faith & Reason
by Samuel Gregg, Touchstone

Benedict XVI: Christian Radical
by Samuel Gregg, American Spectator

Benedict Among the Germans
by Samuel Gregg, American Spectator

Benedict XVI: In No-One’s Shadow
by Samuel Gregg, American Spectator

Benedict at Regensburg: Why it still matters
by Samuel Gregg, National Review

Benedict XVI and the Irrelevance of ‘Relevance’
by Samuel Gregg, Crisis

Benedict XVI and the Pathologies of Religion
by Samuel Gregg, Crisis

Benedict XVI: God’s Revolutionary
by Samuel Gregg, Crisis

Debt, Finance and Catholics
by Samuel Gregg, Crisis

The Vatican’s Calls for Global Financial Reform: The Future of the Church in the Financial Order
by Samuel Gregg, Foreign Affairs

Vatican Remains an Active Player in Global Diplomacy
by Samuel Gregg, World Politics Review

Morality, Economics, and the Market in the Thought of Benedict XVI
by Samuel Gregg, Economic Affairs

Deus Caritas Est: The Social Message of Pope Benedict XVI
by Samuel Gregg, Economic Affairs

Dealing with society’s four crises
by Michael Matheson Miller, Legatus Magazine

Pope Benedict and Nature's Genius
by Benjamin Wiker and Jonathan Witt, Center for Science & Culture