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Although some argue that the slowly spreading movement towards so-called “charter schools” is all that is needed to stop the bleeding in America's public schools, it is obvious that the only reason such schools are even tolerated by the NEA is because of their potential to water down to pro-voucher movement. While “charter schools” are probably better than the current public school system, we must remember that they are still government schools and will undoubtedly continue under the thumb of the professional educationists, the teacher's unions and the pathetic pack of politicians who continue to fund the government monopoly. It is clear that our various layers of government are not likely to let the “charter schools” hurt the sister public schools. The advantages of real free market competition is only likely when we begin to support our truly private schools.

This book has argued that the freedom of Americans depends to a great extent to whether we win or lose the battle over the education of our children. If we're serious about improving the quality of education in America, we must increase parental choice. If we care about justice in educational opportunity, we must increase parental choice. Nothing has the potential to turn our present educational mess around more quickly than increasing the educational choices available to American families; and of course this choice must include private religious schools where the values of those families coupled with a superior academic education can be presented.

America's level of consciousness about the importance of private schools must be raised. Everything possible should be done to help Americans realize how increased parental choice is necessary if there is to be any real hope of improving the quality of education. Parents, churches, academics, and legislators who support private schools are the vanguard of those working for better schools in America. It is a matter of the greatest urgency that we add our voices to this debate and that our efforts on behalf of greater educational choice succeed.

As Dirk and Robert Mateer point out, “Clearly we are a nation adrift from our moorings and the only way to turn ourselves around is through the education of our youth - a process now guaranteed to further devastate our culture and our future unless we, you and I, can reinstitute our cherished Judeo-Christian heritage, the values of our Western culture, through a leveled playing field of competition among all schools, where the public monopoly and its entrenched bureaucrats once again become accountable to you and me - the parents and grandparents of today's youth!”

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