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There are many ways you can make a gift to the Acton Institute that will enable us to promote our mission now and for years to come, while providing you and your loved ones with financial and tax benefits. Estate planning, however, is about more than just receiving a tax break. We are called to be stewards of what we have been given and worked hard to accomplish. The Acton Institute can help you combine your charitable interests with effective gift planning. Your contributions make it possible for us to build upon the success of existing programs while creating new opportunities for advancing our common quest to defend a free and virtuous society.

We appreciate your support and want to make the gift as effective and beneficial for you as it is for us. In addition to supporting the mission, gifts may provide additional income for you and your loved ones, and potentially reduce income or estate taxes. You can make a planned gift with cash, appreciated assets (stocks, bonds, and real estate), personal property, and life insurance.

In the pages that follow, you will find descriptions of several common ways in which you can make a planned contribution, understanding that everyone’s personal circumstances are different, Please contact Charles Roelofs to discuss your goals and plans for a potential gift. He will gladly assist you in creating a giving strategy personalized to your needs.

Planned Giving Comparison Chart

Type of Gift Potential Vehicle Possible Benefits
Bequests Will
Revocable Living Trust
Reduce Estate Tax
   Beneficiary Designations Life Insurance
Retirement Plans
Bank Accounts
Brokerage Accounts
Avoid Probate
Reduce Estate Tax
Income Tax Deduction
Appreciated Assets Stocks
Mutual Funds
Real Estate
Personal Property
Income Tax Deduction
Reduce Capital Gains Tax
Life Income Gifts    Charitable Gift Annuity
Lead Trust
Remainder Trust
Generate Income
   Reduce Capital Gains Tax
Reduce Estate Tax
Income Tax Deductions