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Jordan J. Ballor (Dr. theol., University of Zurich; Ph.D., Calvin Theological Seminary) is a senior research fellow and director of publishing at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion & Liberty. He is also a postdoctoral researcher in theology and economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as part of the "What Good Markets Are Good For" project. 

Latest Articles by Jordan J. Ballor, PhD

  • The D-Day price and the Prince of Peace

    The Hague, Netherlands—I’m writing from the capital of the Netherlands on the 75th anniversary of D-Day. I am here to attend a conference at the Peace Palace, a complex built by Andrew
  • God’s reclamation project

    The basic elements of the gospel message are familiar territory for most Christians. God created things good. Human beings fell into corruption and the rest of the world along with us. God’s
  • Maslow, material needs, and the gospel

    Earlier this year, Susan Mettes of Christianity Today critiqued the use of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a ministry tool . The central idea of the hierarchy, as Mettes puts it, is “that

Latest PowerBlog Posts by Jordan J. Ballor, PhD

  • The Laymen’s Lounge: Everyday Theology for Everyday Life

    I was happy to be interviewed recently for The Laymen’s Lounge, a new site focused on providing everyday theology to encourage and edify Christians in everyday life. My interview is titled, “Work and the Mundane,” and I get some plugs in for resources by figures including Lester…
  • Psalms in war time

    As part of reflecting on the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day, I write about “The D-Day price and the Prince of Peace” over at Acton’s Transatlantic channel. The Dutch theologian and statesman Abraham Kuyper invoked Psalm 88:15 in his essay on the outbreak of World War I,…
  • Life goes on in Deadwood

    More than decade after the conclusion of the critically-acclaimed HBO series Deadwood, a finale has been released that brings the gold-rush era drama to a close. The Deadwood film premiered on HBO last week, and fans of the show will find much to remember and appreciate in this conclusion. Continue…
  • An aid to defining ‘capitalism’

    I am working on a project now that has to do with the various attempts to reform, redeem, redirect, or otherwise update capitalism. And in so doing, I’m reminded of one of the most incisive, insightful, and relevant passages in all of Catholic Social Teaching. Continue Reading... Related…
  • Game of Thrones and the judgment of history

    This week’s episode of Acton Line features a conversation about Game of Thrones with Tyler Groenendal and me. I won’t try to make the case that the show is salutary viewing. Continue Reading... Related posts: Acton Line podcast: Lessons on tyranny from Game of Thrones; Poverty and…

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