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Episode Summary

We're back with a fresh edition of Radio Free Acton! This week, we talk with Acton's Director of Research Samuel Gregg for some perspective on the surprising outcome of the June 8 snap parliamentary elections in Great Britain, and what the resurgence of Labour and the loss of a conservative majority mean for Prime Minister Theresa May and the upcoming Brexit negotiations with the EU.

We're also excited to introduce a new feature on Radio Free Acton: Upstream with Bruce Edward Walker. Walker is a long-time PowerBlog contributor and a walking encyclopedia of pop culture trivia. Going forward, he's taking on the role of cultural correspondent for RFA. In this segment, he talks with Religion & Liberty Managing Editor Sarah Stanley about Wonder Woman, Warner Brothers and DC Comics' latest entry into the summer blockbuster superhero movie arena. They agree that it's a fine film with a lot of heart and humanity.