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What’s the relationship between economics and the virtues, between markets and morality? To explore the relationship between economics and moral philosophy, we use the newly published Economics and the Virtues: Building a New Moral Foundation to think about Aristotle, the Stoics, and Adam Smith, but also the important question of whether markets corrupt, ennoble, or are simply indifferent to morality.


James Bruce
John Brown University

Associate Professor of Philosophy

James Bruce is associate professor of philosophy at John Brown University. Professor Bruce is the author of Rights in the Law, a book that explores the relationship between God and morality, and he is currently working on a book considering the relationship between Christianity, justice, and equality.

In addition to his academic writing and speaking, Professor Bruce dabbled in journalism, writing on religion for WORLD magazine for two years, and in commentary, writing for the Acton Institute, Liberty Fund, The Gospel Coalition, and The Wall Street Journal. He walks to work, hates television, and loves coffee. He blogs at, and you can follow him on Twitter @JamesEBruce.

Victor V. Claar
Florida Gulf Coast University

Professor of Free Enterprise

Victor V. Claar is BB&T Distinguished Professor of Free Enterprise at Florida Gulf Coast University and an affiliate scholar of the Acton Institute. A past Fulbright Scholar at the American University of Armenia, Professor Claar has a long, impressive record of publications, including his influential book, Economics in Christian Perspective: Theory, Policy and Life Choices (2007), now in its fifth printing and recently translated into Chinese.

Professor Claar is also the author of Fair Trade? Its Prospects as a Poverty Solution (2012), an incisive, thoughtful work that challenges us all to rethink how we buy what we need and want. You can follow him on Twitter @ VictorClaar

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Simmons Great Hall, John Brown University
2000 West University Street
Siloam Springs, AR 72761
United States


This event is for accepted participants only.


Participants who live in Arkansas will have their hotel costs covered and mileage reimbursed at 42 cents per mile by the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics. Participants will need to send their starting and ending address and a W9 to Christy Horpedahl after the event to receive mileage reimbursement.

Participants who live outside of Arkansas, travel, lodging, and conference expenses will be covered by the Acton Institute.

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