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In thinking about material poverty, it’s essential to consider what the foundations for human flourishing are. How does our view of the human person, theology, economics, and government affect our approach to material poverty? How should we view these topics?

Once that intellectual foundation is set, what actions should we take to effectively battle poverty? Enterprise and trade have been the normative methods by which people have risen out of poverty. Why is it important that nonprofits embrace entrepreneurship & business in order to serve the material poor in a sustainable, dignity-affirming manner?

Please join other members of the Accord Network for a conference that seeks to answer these questions. Through various presentations and extensive discussion, attendees will learn what foundations are necessary for human flourishing and be exposed to concepts that best harness the creative capacity and potential of the people they seek to serve.

NOTE: Only applicants from organizations that belong to the Accord Network will receive consideration. Accepted applicants will have all of their conference material expenses and lodging covered.

Anne Rathbone Bradley, Ph.D.
Anne Rathbone Bradley, Ph.D.
Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics

Vice President of Economic Initiatives

Anne Rathbone Bradley, Ph.D. is the vice president of economic initiatives at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics, where she develops and commissions research toward a systematic biblical theology of economic freedom. She is a visiting professor at Georgetown University and has previously taught at George Mason University and at Charles University, Prague. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Bernard Center for Women, Politics, and Public Policy. She served as the associate director for the program in economics, politics, and the law at the James M. Buchanan Center at George Mason University.


Dr. Rathbone Bradley’s academic work focuses on the political economy of terrorism with specific emphasis on the industrial organization of al-Qaeda. Her academic research has been published in scholarly journals and edited volumes. She is currently working on a book that analyzes the political economy of al-Qaeda post 9/11. Based on her academic research she also worked as an economic analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Terrorism Analysis.

Dr. Rathbone Bradley received her Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University in 2006 during which time she was a James M. Buchanan scholar.

Peter Greer
Peter Greer
HOPE International

President and CEO

Peter Greer is President and CEO of HOPE International, a global Christ-centered microenterprise development organization serving throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Prior to joining HOPE, Peter worked internationally as a microfinance advisor in Cambodia, technical advisor for Self-Help Development Foundation in Zimbabwe, and managing director for Urwego Community Bank in Rwanda.

He received a B.S. in international business from Messiah College and an MPP from Harvard’s Kennedy School. Peter has written The Poor Will Be Glad (with Phil Smith), The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good (with Anna Haggard), Mission Drift (with Chris Horst, and selected as a 2015 Book Award Winner from Christianity Today), Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing (with Chris Horst), Watching Seeds Grow (with his son Keith), 40/40 Vision (with Greg Lafferty), The Giver and the Gift (with David Weekley), Created to Flourish (with Phil Smith), and The Board and the CEO (with David Weekley).

Currently, Peter serves as the entrepreneur-in-residence at Messiah College and as a Praxis Venture Partner.

Peter and his wife, Laurel, live in Lancaster, PA, with their three children, Keith, Lilianna, and Myles.

Roxanne Addink de Graaf headshot
Roxanne Addink deGraaf
Partners Worldwide

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Roxanne Addink de Graaf is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Partners Worldwide, with a lifelong passion for the organization’s vision of a world without poverty where all have life and have it abundantly. She occasionally steps in as an adjunct professor at Eastern University’s MBA program and served as an editor for the BAM Think Tank paper on BAM at the Base of the Pyramid. Roxanne thrives on creativity and loves to be part of unleashing the innovation and reconciling impact of faithful entrepreneurs around the globe. Prior to Partners Worldwide, Roxanne served with World Renew in Kenya, was a town planner, and worked at a kitchen/business incubator in Taos, New Mexico.

J. Daryl Charles, Ph.D.
J. Daryl Charles, Ph.D.
Acton Institute

Affiliated Scholar

  1. J. Daryl Charles, Ph.D. is a 2018 Affiliate Scholar of the Acton Institute, serves as a contributing editor of the journal Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy and the journal Touchstone, and is an affiliated scholar of the John Jay Institute. Charles is author, co-author or editor of fifteen books, including, most recently, (with Mark David Hall) America’s Wars: A Just War Perspective(University of Notre Dame Press, forthcoming), Natural Law and Religious Freedom: The Role of Moral First Things in Grounding and Protecting the First Freedom(Routledge, 2017), (with David B. Capes) Thriving in Babylon: Essays on Honor of A.J. Conyers (Pickwick, 2011), A Return to Moral First Things: Retrieving the Natural Law (Eerdmans, 2008), and Virtue amidst Vice (Sheffield Academic Press, 1997).

He has taught at Taylor University and Union University, served as director and senior fellow of the Bryan Institute for Critical Thought & Practice, and was a 2013/14 visiting professor in the honors program at Berry College. Charles served as a 2007/8 William B. Simon visiting fellow in religion and public life at the James Madison Program, Princeton University, as well as the 2003/4 visiting fellow of the Institute for Faith & Learning, Baylor University. The focus of Charles’ research and writing is religion and society, the ethics of war and peace, the natural law, and Christian social ethics. Prior to entering the university classroom, Charles did public policy work in the realm of criminal justice in Washington, DC.

Matt Hangen
Matt Hangen
President and CEO


Matt has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Biblical Theology and Missiology, 5 years of experience as a youth minister, was a full-time missionary in Togo, West Africa for five years, and has been with Water4 since 2011, taking on senior leadership at Water4 in 2016 where he serves as President and CEO.

While serving as missionaries in West Africa, Matt and his wife Grace linked up with Water4 after searching for a better way to do manual well drilling than the way they were previously doing it. Water4 shared their desire to put financially and technologically sustainable solutions in the hands of local, missional businesses. In 2011 when ongoing medical treatments required the Hangen’s relocation to the U.S., Water4 was happy to gain someone with the field experience to travel and train up-and-coming drill teams throughout the world. Architecting Water4’s programmatic approach from the ground up, Matt leads from the front line and not an ivory tower.

Water4 believes in using F.I.R.E. Faith: Infusing faith in Jesus and the desire to do God’s will into everything we do. Innovation: The constant pursuit of creative, lasting solutions to complex problems. Reimagine: Inspiring people to think differently about the water crisis. Empower: Partnering with local people to solve local problems sustained by local resources. Safe water changes everything. When affordable access to safe water is available to all, communities thrive and lives are changed forever. Safe water is just the beginning. Hygiene and sanitation education is critical for ending waterborne diseases in the communities Water4 serves. Water4 started with a dream where the people suffering from the water crisis would be the ones to ultimately solve it. That dream is coming true today.

Matt and his wife Grace have two beautiful daughters and live in Guthrie, Oklahoma and enjoy all things outdoors.

Adam J. MacLeod, J.D.
Adam J. MacLeod, J.D.
Faulkner University

Associate Professor of Law

Adam J. MacLeod, J.D. is Associate Professor at Faulkner University, Jones School of Law; a Thomas Edison Fellow in the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property at George Mason University; and a former visiting fellow in the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University. He is co-editor of Foundations of Law (Carolina Academic Press 2017) and author of Property and Practical Reason (Cambridge University Press 2015) and dozens of scholarly articles and essays. He holds degrees from Gordon College and the University of Notre Dame Law School.

Rev. Robert A. Sirico
Rev. Robert A. Sirico
Acton Institute


Rev. Robert A. Sirico received his Master of Divinity degree from the Catholic University of America following undergraduate study at the University of Southern California and the University of London. During his studies and early ministry, he experienced a growing concern over the lack of training religious studies students receive in fundamental economic principles, leaving them poorly equipped to understand and address today's social problems. As a result of these concerns, Fr. Sirico co-founded the Acton Institute with Kris Alan Mauren in 1990.

As president of the Acton Institute, Fr. Sirico lectures at colleges, universities, and business organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad. His writings on religious, political, economic, and social matters are published in a variety of journals, including: the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalForbes, theLondon Financial Times, the Washington Times, the Detroit News, and National Review. Fr. Sirico is often called upon by members of the broadcast media for statements regarding economics, civil rights, and issues of religious concern, and has provided commentary for CNNABC, the BBCNPR, and CBS' 60 Minutes, among others.

In April of 1999, Fr. Sirico was awarded an honorary doctorate in Christian Ethics from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and in May of 2001, Universidad Francisco Marroquin awarded him an honorary doctorate in Social Sciences. He is a member of the prestigious Mont Pèlerin Society, the American Academy of Religion, and the Philadelphia Society, and is on the Board of Advisors of the Civic Institute in Prague. Father Sirico also served on the Michigan Civil Rights Commission from 1994 to 1998. His pastoral ministry has included a chaplaincy to AIDS patients at the National Institutes of Health. He is the Pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Acton Institute maintains a vigorous editorial outreach, especially through its president, Rev. Robert A. Sirico. This site maintains an archive of many of his essays and reviews.

Father Sirico holds dual Italian and American citizenship.

Kim Tan, Ph.D.
Kim Tan, Ph.D.
Springhill Management


Dato Dr Kim Tan is the Chairman of SpringHill Management, a private fund management company specialising in biotech and social venture capital investments. He is a partner of several social impact funds including Inqo Investments (South Africa), Springhill Equity Partners (US), Novastar Ventures (Kenya) and Garden Impact Investment (Singapore). He is the co-founder of the Transformational Business Network and is on the advisory boards of the John Templeton Foundation, Johnson & Johnson Citizenship Trust and PovertyCure. He was the founder chairman of NCI Cancer Hospital (Malaysia) and the inventor of sheep monoclonal antibodies. He is a Pro-Chancellor of Surrey University (UK), a board member of the Centre for Enterprise, Markets & Ethics (Oxford) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK). He is a former board member of the Saracens Rugby Club, Surrey University and the APEC Life Science Innovation Forum.

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La Jolla Shores Hotel
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The event will begin on Monday, February 18th at 4:00pm with a reception and dinner, and will conclude at noon on Wednesday February 20th, with a boxed lunch to follow. 


NOTE: Only applicants from organizations that belong to the Accord Network will receive consideration. This is a complimentary event for accepted applicants. Conference fees, lodging, and all meals during the conference will be covered for accepted applicants.

Applications close January 18th, 2019

Dress for this conference is business casual. 



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