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Bratislava, Slovakia —Rev. Robert A. Sirico, President of the Grand Rapids Michigan–based Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty today issued a statement on the terrorist attacks on the United States. Rev. Sirico's statement requests prayers for the victims of the attacks and reminds us that free societies must be ever vigilant in respecting and defending freedom. Rev. Sirico issued the statement from Bratislava, where he is currently attending a conference. The statement follows:

"Today's news of ghastly terrorist attacks against various American targets has reached me here in Slovakia, where I am participating in an international meeting of economists and other social scientists.

There will be ample time to analyze these events for their political and moral significance later. What strikes me, however, from this distance from my homeland, are the individuals and their families affected by the violence and disregard for human life that these actions demonstrate. The drive to commit such crimes can be deemed only as diabolical at its core.

In the face of such a monumental tragedy—indeed, especially under such circumstances—those of us who have confidence in God, who is the just judge of the living and the dead, can now turn to Him for solace and hope, as well as assurance that there shall come a day when all wrongs will be made right.

Please join me in prayer and mourning for the victims and their loved ones; let us pray, too, for our country and the world, that we may all seek the path of peace, of reverence for human dignity, of life, and of freedom. In light of this national tragedy, we are brought face to face with how dimly the light of human dignity and liberty shines in our world. Such an event reminds us of the necessary diligence required of every citizen as we struggle to promote a society—indeed, a world—that is both free and virtuous."

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