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Lansing, Michigan - Today Acton Institute Public Policy Manager Phillip W. DeVous will testify before the Family and Children Services Committee as it reviews the establishment of the Marriage and Fatherhood Commission for the state of Michigan.

“I think that one central contribution that this proposed commission could make would be to enter into a bold discussion of the effects of the divorce mentality and the scourge of fatherlessness that plagues our society,” said DeVous. “The particular function of the proposed commission, which is to 'analyze the status of marriage and fatherhood, and to compile information regarding how society and government foster stable, healthy marriages' will provide useful resources for policy makers, and for those faith-based and community leaders who are often at the forefront in ministering to the effects of broken marriages and irresponsible fatherhood.”

DeVous's testimony will emphasize the unique function of fathers in society and, more generally, the role of the family in developing children into responsible citizens

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