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The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty announced the 2004 Calihan Religion and Liberty Academic Fellows:

  • Rev. Brother Nicanor Austriaco , OP, studying for an STL in Moral Theology at the Dominican House of Studies at Catholic University of America.
  • Ryan P. Murphy , studying for a Ph.D. in Ethics and Political Theology at Kings College, London.
  • Feler Bose , studying for a Ph.D./MATS in Institutional Economics (Austrian) at George Mason University, Virginia.
  • Monika Haas , studying for a Licentiate in Moral Theology at the Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome.
  • Peggy E. Griffin , studying for an M.Phil. in Economics at the University of Sussex in England.
  • Christopher D. Levenik , studying for a Ph.D. in U.S. Religious History at the University of Chicago.
  • Casmir C. Nwaishi , studying for a Master's in Applied Ethics at Linkoping University in Sweden.
  • Rev. Fernando Cepeda , studying for a License in Political Philosophy at the Pontifical University of Santa Cruz in Rome.

Funded through the generosity of Mr. Joseph Calihan, and the Calihan Family, the Calihan Religion and Liberty Academic Fellowships provide academic fellowships of up to $5,000 to students who show outstanding promise in integrating religious ideas with core principles of the tradition of liberty. Such principles include the recognition of human rights and dignity, the protection of rights through the rule of law, and freedom in economic and political life.

Application for the award is open to seminarians and graduate students in theology, philosophy, religion, economics, or related fields who are pursuing degrees at any accredited domestic or international institution. Eligibility is determined by strong academic performance, demonstrated interest in the intersection of religious and classical liberal ideas, and the potential to contribute to the advancement of a free and virtuous society, regardless of religious denomination or affiliation.

About the Acton Institute

With its commitment to pursue a society that is free and virtuous, the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty is a leading voice in the national environmental and social policy debate. The Acton Institute is uniquely positioned to comment on the sound economic and moral foundations necessary to sustain humane environmental and social policies.

The Acton Institute is a nonprofit, ecumenical think tank located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Institute works internationally to "promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles."

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