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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (April 3, 2006) - The application process for the 2006 edition of the Catholic High School Honor Roll is now open. In keeping with Vatican II's dual stress on the “earthly city” and the “Kingdom of God,” the Honor Roll recognizes schools that embrace a vibrant Catholic identity and instill an appreciation of the social, political, and economic dimensions of the world.

The application deadline is May 15. Schools may now apply online at . The Honor Roll is offering a special incentive to encourage online applications. If a school completes the survey online, it will be entered in a drawing for a prize of $1,000. Last year's winner was Holy Cross Academy in Oneida, N.Y.

Since the Honor Roll's inception in 2004, schools on the top 50 list have enjoyed welldeserved distinction and praise from bishops, school boards, donors, the media, and, most importantly, parents. More than 75 high schools have appeared on the Honor Roll list and another 40 have been honored on one of the category leader lists. More than 140 media stories about the Honor Roll have helped highlight the good work Catholic high schools do.

The Honor Roll “provided a huge impact within our community,” said Mr. Kyle L. Groos, principal of O'Gorman High School in Sioux Falls, S.D. In an environment where parents are searching for quality Catholic education, “they want and need to know that we are considered one of the top Catholic high schools.” The Honor Roll has given O'Gorman the opportunity that helps parents make the decision of where to send their kids.

The primary goal of the Honor Roll is to encourage schools to educate students as effectively as possible, in a way that integrates Catholic faith and prepares students for active engagement with the world. The Honor Roll measures a school's strength in three areas: academics, Catholic identity, and civic education. By supporting this constructive competition, the Honor Roll provides insight into the character of Catholic secondary education and calls everyone to improve the academic and spiritual formation given to America's youth. In promoting rigorous education, the Honor Roll desires to better prepare students for fruitful vocations in politics, business, and the Church.

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