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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (December 15, 2006) - Professor Glenn Sunshine of Central Connecticut State University has been chosen as the recipient of Acton Institute's Call for Book Proposals and its accompanying $25,000 grant.

The Call for Book Proposals invited submissions for a trade-press book addressing the theme of Judeo-Christianity's contributions to America's political and economic freedom, especially considering theological, historical, philosophical, and legal issues. The number and quality of proposals for this first-time initiative was higher than expected, including numerous entries from outside the United States. As a trade press book, it will be written for a broad, educated audience.

Professor Sunshine's book will focus on the evolution of western worldviews. “If Western society is going to survive...[it] will need to rediscover its roots in the Christian tradition,” he said. “Without a foundation in the idea of the imago Dei , there is no sure foundation for human dignity to prevent eugenics, infanticide, or another Holocaust. There is also no foundation for property rights and economic freedom, for political and social equality, for economic and social justice, or for any of the other contributions western society gave to the world.“

The chair of the History department at Central Connecticut State University, Professor Sunshine holds his Ph.D. in Renaissance and Reformation History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.A. Church History from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Professor Sunshine is also a content advisor for the “'Wide Angle' Worldview Curriculum,” a project of the Wilberforce Forum and Purpose Driven Ministries, and a faculty member for the Centurions Program, part of the Wilberforce Forum. Professor Sunshine has published several books along with numerous articles and scholarly papers.

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