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Toward a Free and Virtuous Society conferences are intensive seminars for religious and business leaders.

The purpose of these events is to explore the role of religion in laying the conceptual foundation for a society characterized by both personal and economic liberty.  The event's first half focuses on several key concepts such as Christian anthropology, economic thinking, and limited government, while the second half offers a practical approach, as the participants contemplate the practical implications resulting from the theories considered.  Each lecture and discussion session is designed by our faculty to minimize partisanship and maximize the exploration of ideas.

The program is intellectually demanding; participants are required to do advanced reading and must be prepared to offer comments and defend their views during the question and answer sessions.

Toward a Free and Virtuous Society Faculty



Dear Acton Alum,

Thank you for sacrificing the time and resources to attend one of our core Acton events – Acton University, Toward a Free and Virtuous Society, Thriving Churches : Flourishing Communities or Liberty & Markets. I want to personally welcome you to a 26 year old Alumni Network that consists of more than 6,000 men and women from 70 countries.

This fall, we begin the launch of a new Alumni Relations Program that will ensure you receive the resources you need in order to keep exploring the themes and concepts you learned about at Acton. I’d also like to announce some exciting new features that will available soon, including:

  • An online platform that allows you to better engage with Acton and other alumni;
  • Tailored resources and special discounts available exclusively to our alumni network;
  • Regional alumni events, and;
  • Alumni representatives who are ready to speak with you at all times!

We look forward to building an ongoing, personal relationship with you. As we continue to develop this program, we want to hear your feedback.  Your input will greatly assist in the development of our alumni network and programming.

In the meantime, please reach out to me with any thoughts, suggestions or concerns that you may have regarding the Acton Institute Alumni Relations Program. As the new Alumni Relations Director, it is my goal to make sure you are equipped with the resources you need to inspire positive change in your community. Feel free to email me at I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at one of our many events!

All the Best,

Patrick Oetting

Alumni Relations Director

Acton Institute