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Reference Resources

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Complete texts for Classic Christian works in the public domain
Dorothy Day Library
A catalogue of this important Catholic scholar’s works
The Friedrich Hayek Scholars' Page
Works and commentary on F.A. Hayek
Library of Economics and Liberty
Website dedicated to advancing the study of economics, market economies, and liberty
The On-Line Books Page
Browse 14,000 books available on-line
Resources for Economists
Helpful Web research tools for anyone interested in economics
Masters in Economics
Guide to online economics degrees


Adam Smith Institute
U.K. institute advocates market-oriented policy reform
American Enterprise Institute
Think-tank that addresses a variety of issues
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Leading economic research organization
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Applying Judeo-Christian Ethics to contemporary issues
Foundation for Economic Education
Leading authority on the thought of important economists
Global Business Responsibility Resource Center
Promoting ethics in capitalist business throughout the world
Heritage Foundation
Organization that promotes the importance of traditional virtues in public policy
Institute for Economic Affairs
Ideas for a free society
Institute for Liberty and Democracy
Founded by Hernando de Soto to promote property rights and market economies in developing nations
Instituto Acton Argentina
Argentinean affiliate of the Acton Institute
Jacques Maritain Center
Offers resources relating to the thought of the great personalist Maritain
Liberty Fund, Inc.
A vast library of historic works relating to liberty
The Vatican
The official Website of the Holy See


Christianity Today
Publication from the Evangelical perspective
Focus on the Family’s online magazine addressing religion, culture, and law
The Economist
All-around international current events magazine
First Things
Scholarly research on religion and public policy
Journal of Markets & Morality
Scholarly Journal of the Acton Institute
National Review
Politics and public policy coverage
Orthodoxy Today
Commentary on social and moral issues from an Eastern Orthodox perspective
Weekly Standard
Conservative political magazine
Ecumenical publication that addresses current events, politics, and culture