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One ​of ​history's ​greatest ​examples ​of ​the ​triumph ​of ​spiritual ​power ​over ​violence ​and ​oppression ​is ​vividly ​recounted ​in ​Liberating ​a ​Continent: ​John ​Paul ​II ​and ​the ​Fall ​of ​Communism, ​a ​new ​documentary ​film ​that ​poignantly ​captures ​the ​intricate ​role ​played ​by ​John ​Paul ​II ​in ​the ​collapse ​of ​communism ​and ​the ​liberation ​of ​Central ​and ​Eastern ​Europe.

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Jonathan Pidluzny

Jonathan ​Pidluzny, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at Morehead State University, where he teaches American Politics.  He received his Ph.D. from Boston College in August, 2012.  Dr. Pidluzny was a Publius Fellow in 2006, a fellow at the Jack Miller Center in 2012, and  a fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in 2013.  His main research interest is democratization and constitutional design in the Middle East, especially as it pertains to U.S. foreign policy.

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Mark Murray Auditorium at Acton Institute
98 E Fulton St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
United States


​7:00 ​- ​9:00 ​PM | 6:30 ​PM​ Doors ​open ​ 


General Admission - $10

(Includes snack and beverage)


Free ​​street ​​parking ​​is ​​available. ​​There ​​are ​​also ​​paid ​​parking ​​lots ​​nearby. ​​Please ​​enter ​​building ​​off ​​of ​​Sheldon ​​Blvd. 

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