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The Acton Bookshop offers Acton published and produced books and media, as well as selected other items related to Acton’s mission, to both retail and wholesale customers.  Retail sales are primarily supported on an e-commerce site (Acton hosted Magento platform).  At various times during the year the Bookshop also operates a point-of-sale physical store (Square platform) to support Acton events such as Acton University.

These operations are supported by our warehouse/fulfillment partner (Redux Books) who houses the majority of stock as well as handling and shipping the daily orders from the e-commerce site and any internal Acton customers. 

The inventory and sales accounting is handled through a web application (Stitch) which integrates with both Shopify and Square to provide centralized management of stock and orders/invoices.

The vision for the Bookshop is to build out completely the infrastructure to manage day-to-day sales and inventory functions as well as the ability to fully account for the operation as if it was a standalone bookstore.  Stitch has a built-in integration with Xero, a web based accounting platform, which can provide full accounting services for the Bookshop. 

If you are particularly interested with the accounting side of running a bookshop, please indicate this in the "Comments" text box under the "Internship requested" section of the application.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assess the current state of operations and integrations with the platforms in use
  • Document the workflows and information processes
  • Suggest changes or improvements
  • Map sales, invoicing, inventory processes and data to Xero platform
  • Create complete General Ledger accounting on Xero platform
  • Set up cash accounts on Xero and coordinate integration with bank and credit card merchant processor
  • Create financial reports on Xero
    • Sales
    • Inventory/cost of goods sold
    • Cash flow
    • Financial statements (comprehensive)
  • Monitor and troubleshoot the system

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Improvement of current cost data
  • Development of procedure to handle stock and sales for outside (POS) events
  • Development of procedure to handle orders from internal Acton customers/depts.
  • Assessment of options for upgrade or migration for e-commerce platform
  • Assessment of options for integration with outside distribution partners and platforms to capture full picture of Acton books and media revenue


  • Possess knowledge of retail sales and inventory management
  • Understand fully the accounting cycle and how it is applied to a sales operation
  • Have the ability to independently learn and further advance new (to intern) systems
  • Be able to recognize opportunities for improvement in systems and procedures and offer alternatives


The timeframe and scope of this internship are flexible according to the availability and skills of the intern.

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If you have any questions regarding the bookshop internship, please visit the FAQs page or contact

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