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Dear Friends,

Many priests and ministers take Mondays off, partly because they work so hard the day before. But here's a trade secret. A Monday off provides a cooling-off period for people who didn't like the sermon or want to complain about something else. By Tuesday, the issue can seem far less important.

People often call our offices on Monday in frustration about a sermon they heard. A preacher may denounce the rich in blanket terms or decry the economics of free competition or urge people to support the welfare state. This is all very common.

We don't provide instant retorts; rather, we recommend books and deeper exposure to the tradition of thought that the Acton Institute represents. It is not about scoring debating points but about broadening the horizons of the religiously minded.

We hope that pastors begin to understand that a voluntary society (including its economic sphere) is to be preferred over one administered by a central plan. Pastors should begin to see that their preference for welfare over charity is a preference for coercion over gifts and goodwill.

If your pastor isn't in on Monday, drop off an Acton Institute book, monograph, or newsletter to him or her to read later. The gradual education of religious leaders—which your support makes possible—will do more good in the long run than all the heated exchanges.


Rev. Robert A. Sirico