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Dear Friends,

At a retreat house last summer I watched two ladies who were together much of the week. The one—elderly, unsure of her step, and somewhat frail—leaned gently on the arm of the second lady, who was younger, more robust, and more sure of her footing—but she was blind. They accompanied one another to the chapel, to meals, and for walks in the garden.

The elderly lady carefully watched for any irregularity in the pavement, or any protrusion in their path, while the younger one provided a steady and reliable balance. It was a tender sight to observe. The mutual need each woman had for the other did not diminish the essential kindness and dignity of the exchange.

This memory is a kind of metaphor for the natural interdependence and solidarity of the whole human race. One very important and normative way in which this solidarity is played out across the globe every day is through the talents, initiative, and products that people exchange with one another in the marketplace. You have cows; a mom needs milk; you need money to run your dairy—solidarity emerges, with all participants benefiting.

Your support of our work enables us to secure for generations to come an understanding of the economic interdependence and moral potential of the free economy. Thank you.


Rev. Robert A. Sirico