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"For the Life of the World: Letter to the Exiles," a film series produced by the Acton Institute, is receiving a lot of attention for its crisp and entertaining visuals as well as rich content. Andy Crouch, the executive editor of Christianity Today said, "'For the Life of the World' is the best treatment of faith & culture ever put on a screen. Just outstanding." I'm delighted that we succeeded in creating something so strong theologically as well as so thoroughly entertaining.

Our most important mission at Acton is to introduce a free and virtuous society to new audiences worldwide. We have done that with a number of recent projects including PovertyCure and Poverty Inc. As an organization, we have never been better equipped to reach people.

"For the Life of the World," a seven-part series, seeks to examine the bigger picture of Christianity's role in culture, society, and the world. Often think tanks and free-market organizations are really good at telling like-minded individuals and organizations what they want to hear but sometimes fail at casting a vision to draw people to our ideas. "For the Life of the World" specifically calls people to move beyond the self and to something greater than this world.

The series powerfully depicts the deeper meaning of the resources God gives us for a holistic understanding of economy. "For the Life of the World" stresses the virtue side of the equation when it comes to economy. Perhaps, more importantly, the film tells an entertaining and compelling story, and it completely moves away from the model of lecturing to those who may not agree with us. It is truly a media and missions model for what we need to be doing in the free-market and renewing culture movement.

Christians, especially those in business and the private sector, still compartmentalize too much of their faith life. A lot of young people are aimless or adrift when it comes to understanding truth and the need for a properly oriented society that promotes human flourishing. "For the Life of the World" amazingly does powerfully reintroduce rich and timeless ideas to new audiences. That it's an amazing and entertaining story guarantees its success.

Kris Alan Mauren
Executive Director

Kris Mauren is co-founder and executive director of Acton Institute. Kris is a Seattle native and the youngest of 8 children.  After graduating with an economics and international relations degree from Johns Hopkins University, Kris settled in Grand Rapids to help found Acton Institute.  In his role as executive director, Kris has traveled the world, lecturing and consulting in dozens of countries.  He is widely recognized as a leader in non-profit management and consults regularly on best practices in governance, management, measurement and evaluation, and fundraising in the not for profit sector.