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  • Edith Penrose

    • I don’t take sides. I just gather facts and if people don’t like my work they just don’t like the facts. –Edith Penrose Economist Edith Penrose helped bridged the gap between economics and
  • Acton Briefs

    • A collection of short essays by Acton writers, click a link to jump to that article: Free trade and Brexit can help Africa flourish by Ibrahim B. Anoba French strike for the right to retire
  • Editor's Note

    • We lead the Spring 2018 issue of Religion & Liberty with Rev. Ben Johnson’s eye-opening feature about the global scourge of child marriage. “Child marriage offends the Western moral
  • Betting the ranch

    • Property rights, conservation and “social value” You’ve spent the better part of a lifetime restoring, building and continually improving a prime piece of ranch land just outside Bozeman,
  • Aldo Leopold

    • "A land ethic, then, reflects the existence of an ecological conscience, and this in turn reflects a conviction of individual responsibility for the health of the land.”