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Li Zhao Schoolland is the Founder of TFT Events which has organized successful Austrian Economics Conferences and Summer camps since 2010 in China, Slovakia, Romania, Indonesia, and Morocco.  She is a columnist writing a weekly column in China on child-rearing and has given talks about individual liberty at numerous international conferences and summer camps in Mongolia, China, USA, Ukraine, Japan, Malaysia, India, and the Republic of Georgia.  Through TFT Events, Li has arranged for the Chinese translation and publication of works by Jesus Huerta de Soto, Michael Oliver, Doug Casey, Ken Schoolland, The Acton Institute, and Jeffrey Tucker.

Li was a high school and university teacher for many years in Hawaii, Minnesota, and China.  She served as the youth director of Chinese Lutheran Church of Honolulu and was the manager of several businesses in China and Hawaii.  She  has two masters degrees: one in Japanese Business Studies from Chaminade University of Honolulu and one in Japanese Literature from the University of Minnesota.  Li is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, and English.